StataPile in Action

How StataPile Helped One Company Stop Losing Customers

By keeping its customer service representatives on script

The Problem

One of StataPile's clients was having issues with their customer service representatives' adhering to scripts and procedures. By omitting steps, employees did not obtain the correct information from customers, and the company started to lose customers. It didn't help that their quality assurance team was only scoring 1 or 2 calls a month. Plus, the customer service representatives were frustrated with the inconsistencies in the scoring process and obvious biases from the employees who were doing the scoring. To stop losing customers, the company needed for their calling group to start following procedures quickly, but they were having trouble identifying who was and was not adhering to the established processes.

StataPile's Solution

StataPile built a custom AI model using neural networks, machine learning and natural language processing to identify types of calls, the context of the calls and whether procedures were followed. The model was built using all the components of the audio file, including what's heard on the audio file, not keywords or key phrases.

When the model was compared to human scoring it matched over 95% of the time. By implementing StataPile's innovative artificial intelligence technology, the company could monitor and train employees easily, eliminating errors. StataPile's AI automatically scores each and every customer interaction over the phone to determine whether employees are following procedures. The system automatically emails the agent a summary of their strengths and weaknesses then informs Supervisors which agents have actually looked at it. Each agent can also log in to the portal to review their overall performance, and each supervisor can review their team members. The scoring system provides supervisors the information they need to hold employees accountable and to determine the effectiveness of all processes.

The Road to Success

After working with StataPile for just four months, the company's employees increased adherence to procedures from 77% of all calls to 93%, boosting the effectiveness of their conversations and increasing their first call resolution.

StataPile automatically tracks customer interactions, conversion rates, first call resolution, and overall employee performance. The system gives you the essential tools to ensure employees follow procedures and identify where they need additional training.

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