Case Study: How an Environmental Services Company Improved Sales & Service with Automated QA

Overview: Company X provides environmental services to commercial and residential customers. The company has nearly 6,000 employees and offers collection, transfer, disposal, and recycling services to more than 3,000,000 customers in the United States and The Bahamas. Company X implemented StataPile's platform to strengthen call monitoring, refine the quality assurance (QA) process, and gather business intelligence in order to increase sales conversions, improve customer service, and streamline operations.

Problems with Existing Evaluation System: Prior to implementing StataPile, Company X evaluated call recordings via a manual QA process. The process involved a joint effort between Company X's QA team and an external organization. Under the manual QA system, calls for a random sample of employees were scored each month. Problems with the manual QA system included:


-Inconsistent scoring procedures

-Small sample sizes

-High cost per scorecard

Implementation – Unique Set Up and Complex Requirements: Company X opted to implement StataPile's artificial intelligence QA system in order to automatically and consistently score calls for all employees—with 92% accuracy and for a low cost per scorecard.

Company X's StataPile implementation was complex. With over 70 contact centers, each with multiple types of phone systems (both on-premise and in the cloud), Company X's existing setup created a challenge for StataPile. Additionally, Company X requested that StataPile score employees on more than 100 different procedures. In terms of reporting, Company X desired a unique set up. They wanted to aggregate the data by employee, team, contact center, district, region, and company.

Due to StataPile's integration abilities, simple onboarding process, and account management team, Company X was onboarded onto the platform in less than two weeks. StataPile's company structure breakdown allowed Company X to group users and phone numbers/extensions into the desired categories (e.g., employee, team, contact center, etc.). Additionally, Company X was able to use APIs with Five9 and West Communications to pull call data seamlessly into StataPile's portal. Using Company X's existing call script and scoring materials, StataPile's account management team assisted Company X in developing custom call types and procedures formatted for the StataPile platform.


After implementing StataPile, Company X learned that benefits far exceeded automating the call scoring process.

Complaint Calls Decreased by Over 40%

The StataPile system identified unaddressed operational issues at each of Company X's contact center locations. The issues ranged from repeatedly missed routes to routine improper billing. Although these issues should have been tracked via the manual QA system, neither had been documented in the past. When Company X compared the issues illuminated with StataPile versus the issues previously reported, Company X determined that their contact centers had been failing to log up to 80% of issues. With StataPile, Company X has the tools necessary to hold employees accountable and to solve operational and service issues. As a result, Company X reduced complaint calls by over 40% in two months.

Identified Phrasing to Increase Sales, Retain Customers

After implementing StataPile, Company X's sales and customer retention statistics improved as well. StataPile identified the phrasing and procedures that resulted in the highest conversion rate for potential new accounts and which phrasing and procedures produced the best "save" rate for customers calling to cancel existing accounts. This information was tracked and automatically communicated to managers and C-level executives. Within 90 days of implementation, conversion rates improved by over 30% and "save" rates increased by 17%.

Real-Time Feedback Boosted Performance by 53%

In addition to enhancing operations and service, Company X improved employee performance by an average of 53% in the first quarter of implementation. The StataPile portal provided managers and employees with real-time, consistent feedback. Employees received live access to performance scores; alerts providing notification of missed procedures; and daily, weekly, and/or monthly summaries of performance results. The summaries highlighted the steps employees consistently hit and missed. StataPile and Company X facilitated acceptance of the new platform by providing employees with access to their information and score breakdowns.


StataPile's machine learning call analytics program has allowed Company X to improve employee performance and boost customer satisfaction. Additionally, Company X has reduced QA headcount and eliminated costly and inefficient scoring procedures. StataPile's system provides Company X with full informational transparency to drive better sales and service over the phone and in the field.

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