StataPile in Action Outbound Sales Organization

StataPile increases profits by identifying successful promotions.
One of StataPile's clients, a top outbound sales organization, runs call campaigns to encourage existing customers to make the most of their product offerings. As part of the campaign, the company's reps pitch one of three promotions. Using StataPile, 100% of the company's outbound calls are automatically scored to identify each promotion's success rate and to determine the effectiveness of varying sales strategies. Since starting the program, StataPile shows a 23% increase in conversion.

This system has increased accuracy, reduced costs, and improved employee performance.

Increase Accuracy
StataPile's AI can monitor every call, listening for specific words, phrases, and outcomes. With 92% or higher accuracy, employees and management have access to consistent, meaningful analytics.

Reduce Costs
With StataPile, clients can save on labor costs. Rather than spending time manually scoring customer-employee interactions, StataPile provides automated scorecards and feedback. Then, clients can re-allocate energy and resources on coaching and training.

Improve Employee Performance
StataPile provides employees with actionable insight. By helping them hone their approach via reports and coaching tools, StataPile allows employees to improve their productivity and confidence.

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