Use Artificial Intelligence and Speech Analytics Software to Make Sure Your Agents Aren't Using These Phrases

What if all it took to improve your call center's customer satisfaction rating was flipping your agents' script? Try switching all negative statements into positive ones. Easy enough, right?

So you've updated scripts and trained your agents. Now what? All that's left is assessing customer calls to see how positive statements are performing and to pin point any weak spots that may exist. Artificial intelligence and speech analytics software easily analyze all of your agents' calls. With this technology in place, both managers and agents receive regular updates on agents' performance and may rest assured that the following five phrases are out of use.

1. "No, I don't have that in stock."

Rather than leading with a negative statement, stay positive and inform the customer that you can certainly locate the item. Follow-up by explicitly prompting the order by asking how soon the customer needs the item and how the customer would like to receive the item. Be sure to offer several delivery methods in an "A or B" format to express that you care about what is most convenient for the customer. Artificial intelligence and speech analytics technology assess agents' calls to ensure that they remain positive throughout every customer interaction.

2. "I don't handle this issue."

This is always frustrating to hear, especially after a customer waits a long time to make contact with an agent. Instead of simply telling the customer that you don't handle a particular issue, inform the individual that you will quickly transfer the call to the relevant department. If the relevant department has a wait-time, offer to have the department call the customer back at a later time. Be sure to leave the call-back time relatively general, since it's never smart to guarantee that someone else will follow-through with a call at an exact time. Artificial intelligence and speech analytics software help keep agents on board and aid in shifting habits towards those that best promote customer satisfaction. Receive objective score reports for every single call to best analyze agents' performance on this issue.

3. "You're wrong."

Never blame the customer or accuse him or her of being wrong. While the customer will undoubtedly, at times, truly be wrong, take the opportunity to explain to the customer what is right—rather than simply pointing out where he or she is mistaken. Artificial intelligence and speech analytics software are trained to recognize call behaviors and track if agents engage in accusatory actions towards customers. When mistakes are made, artificial intelligence and speech analytics software help re-train agents and keep them on the right path moving forward.

4. "Don't worry about it. It's not a big deal."

Rather than knocking down your customers' concerns, practice empathy and understanding. Do your best to apologize genuinely and, whenever possible, offer an actionable and accessible solution to a customer's concerns. Artificial intelligence and speech analytics software monitor agents' calls for empathetic behavior.

5. "I don't know."

Always do your best to provide some type of answer for your customer. If the truth is that you do not know, offer to transfer your customer's call to someone who does know. Alternatively, simply take it upon yourself to ask someone who knows, and remain the contact person for your customer. Artificial intelligence and speech analytics software back up your agents to make sure they foster customers who are as informed—and satisfied!—as possible.