StataPile Improves Customer Retention

By automatically identifying complaint frequency and type

The Problem

A leading telecommunications provider wasn't able to track repeat complaints or resolve certain types of customer problems in an appropriate amount of time. 60% of customers that called the company three or more times about the same problem within 30 days ended up cancelling their accounts within 12 months. StataPile helped the company improve its customer retention.

StataPile's Solution

StataPile resolved this company's customer issues by identifying repeat callers and patterns for the types of complaints that were not resolved quickly. StataPile tracks customers calling multiple times about the same issues and developed an automated alert system to send notifications when the same customer made multiple complaints within 30 days. Under the former system, the company couldn't track if customers called about the same issue within a certain timeframe. Now, they can prioritize when calls or complaints should be escalated. StataPile's system was able to identify customers at risk and improved the company's customer retention the first time.

Providing the Tools You Need

StataPile's automated call performance tracking keeps your team focused on what matters most to customers. With these tools, you can identify the most urgent complaints first to minimize lost customers.

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