Noteworthy Functionality


Train and Monitor Agents without Bias

StataPile's artificial intelligence automatically scores every customer interaction to determine objectively which procedures agents follow and which ones they skip.


Track Conversion and Resolution Rates

Identify the factors that prevent sales or prompt the resolution of issues. Track performance over time to catch weak points before they impact your bottom line.


View Opportunities in Real-Time

StataPile automatically tracks the number of opportunities you receive, convert, and lose. With this information, you can determine exactly when and why you miss sales.


Receive Custom Alerts

Create notifications for any type of call by establishing frequency triggers. Be alerted, for instance, if the same customer complains four times over two days.


A/B Test

A/B test to determine the most effective call phrasing. Once phrasing is improved, StataPile customers benefit from a greater than 130% increase in close rates.


Integrate with your CRM

StataPile automatically tracks all customer interactions and classifies them by type of call—without any effort from your agents.


Follow Legal and Ethical Regulations

Protect your customers and your company by instituting measures to ensure your agents follow industry rules and expectations.


Redact Sensitive Information

Take advantage of StataPile's ability to redact sensitive information, such as social security numbers, credit card data, and drivers' license numbers, from your audio recordings.


StataPile's Artificial Intelligence automatically identifies:

  • The reason you didn't get the sale or resolve the issue.
  • The phrasing that results in the highest close rate.
  • The procedures that agents skip.
  • The number of opportunities each agent closes and the number of opportunities each agent loses—and why.
  • The first-call resolution rate.
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